Grooming Services

Grooming is an essential part of making sure your pup is looking and feeling their best all year long. Grooming eliminates any strange smells, assists with shedding and dandruff and helps avoid any dreaded mats and tangles!

Take a look at our recommendations on how often you should be treating your doggo to a spa day, and caring for every mane and floof!

Bash & Brush

Starting at $50.00

Our Bath & Brush treatment includes a bath, shampoo & conditioning, hand dry & brush-out, nail trim, as well as trimming of the face, paw pads and sanitary area. This service is ideal for dogs who need to be freshened up or de-shed.

Full Groom

Starting at $50.00

Our Full Groom treatment includes a bath, shampoo & conditioning, hand dry & brush-out, full hair cut, nail trim, trimming of the face, paw pads & sanitary area. *Ear cleaning and anal glands are available upon request.

Nail Trim

Starting at $12.00

Our Nail Trim treatment is perfect for those pups who will not let you trim their nails! Bring your pup to Fella & Fetch and have their nails trimmed so your pup can continue to play in comfort.

*Dogs should have their nails trimmed about every 4-6 weeks.

Tidy Up

Starting at $20.00

Our Tidy Up treatment is a quick service which is flexible depending on what your pup needs. Choose from the following services: nail trim, paw pad trim, sanitary area clean-up, face trim, or bathing including shampoo and conditioning.

Fancy Fella

Our Fancy Fella can be added to the Bath & Brush or the Full Groom packages. This would include a pawdicure, facial, toothbrush and a special curated shampoo for your pups specific coat type and skin.