7-8" Braided Buffalo Donut

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Our BRAIDED BUFFALO CHEEK chew comes from FREE range buffalo. No hormones or antibiotics are provided to these cattle.  The premium hides are chosen specifically for your pet.  They meet the very high standards and comply with the USDA / FDA and CFIA strict guidelines.  They are dehydrated at specific temperatures to ensure that the maximum flavour is locked in. Product of India. This item is sold in bulk-not labelled although a UPC number has been designated for this item. Average weight per ring is over 300g

We DO NOT import ANY RAWHIDE FROM CHINA, nor do we import any other chews from China

It is recommended that you supervise your dog when providing any treats. Always provide fresh drinking water. When the rawhide gets “gummy” or when pieces get small or pose a choking hazard, it is recommended that it gets discarded.

Item number 7-8″ BRAIDED DONUT BULKUPC: 095474131718

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Protein Min. 76%, Fat Max.:8%, Fibre Min.:45, Moisture Max: 12%