Big Country Raw Pork Organ Blend - 1LB

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A side dish for dogs and cats that could use more organ meat in their diet.   May be used to help soften up stools or encourage fussy eaters. We source only the best, highest quality pork organ meat.

  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Supplemental Feeding Choice – feed in rotation with Big Country Dinners, Blends or Pure Formulas
  • Rich source of vitamins and minerals

A rich blend of pork organ meat to help customize your next Big Country Raw meal.

  • Helps to relieve constipation.
  • Rich source of extra minerals and nutrients.
  • Great option for those pets who can not have the beef organ blend.


    25% Pork Heart, 25% Pork Liver, 25%, Pork Kidney, 25% Pork Spleen

    Side Dishes are a supplemental feeding choice for dogs and cats.  Side dishes are not intended to be fed as a complete meal but are intended to enhance or customize your pet’s dietary choices.

    We suggested offering Side Dishes as a topper with other balanced raw, cooked or dry foods. Recommended maximum serving size – 1/4 cup per 2 lb. of food