Harlow Harry Dog Perfume (100ml) - D'bacca 169

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 Harlow Harry Dog Perfume  (100ml)- D'bacca 169

D'bacca 169 by HARLOW HARRY is a clean, contemporary unisex scent, combining cedar and light musky notes, that will deliver a just washed freshness day after day. The Scent: Clean, musky and soft 

Base notes: Labdanum, Cedarwood, Vanilla Heart notes: Floral, Saffron, Violet Top notes: Lemon, Rhubarb

Spritz regularly to keep your pooch smelling bougie, and extend between washes. Available in a petit 50ml bottle, or long lasting 100ml bottle (over 2 years of spritzes) for those who like to spray more, more often.

• Genderless

• Vegan

• pH balanced

• Alcohol free

• Puppy friendly

• Proudly Australian made

• Vet, groomer and dog approved

Free from alcohol, silicone, parabens, MCI/MI, formaldehydes, toxins and any harmful ingredients.

N.B. Products may vary in colour. We strive to ensure consistency, but due to natural variations in ingredients and production processes, there may be slight colour differences.