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Is your pet suffering from a painful Urinary Tract Infection? The need to urinate small amounts more often, pain upon urinating, strong odor, dark colored urine, and blood in the urine are all signs that there could be a urinary tract infection. Help ease you pet's pain with NaturPet’s Urinary Care. Urinary Care is an all-natural, non-prescription, drug-free oral remedy and a urinary antiseptic – it soothes, cleanses, and revitalizes the entire urinary tract. Water is key to keeping your pet’s kidneys and bladder in good health. It is also important for liver health as well.

Key Benefits
-Deals with infections quickly and thoroughly.
-Reduces bacterial levels and flushes out toxins and wastes.
-Soothes inflammation of the mucous membranes of the urinary tract.
-Helps to stop bleeding and relieve pain.
-Helps to prevent the development of gravel and stones.
-Reduces the risk of recurrence when used as a preventative.
-Suitable for both cats and dogs.