Puppy Polisher MINI ECO Toothbrush (SM/M)

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Puppy Polisher mini toothbrushes are half the size of our regular version. This brush is excellent for small to medium size dogs. They have 5000 silky pbt bristles which effectively whisk away plaque and bacteria. The small head size is perfect for small dogs and precision brushing. The handle is made from a 60% wheat straw composite bioplastic material. Wheat Straw has many benefits including less CO2 emitted while manufacturing as it is made from an agricultural biproduct. This brush also has a rubber tongue scraper. Comes in a beautiful gender neutral beige color. Also this product includes a luxury reusable container to keep your brush clean and dry. Brushes are UV treated for sanitation. Care instructions. Rinse brush after every use. Dry 100% before storing. Avoid moisture.

Made with international parts, designed with love in Canada.