Skouts Honour Probiotic Honeysuckle Deodorizer

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Gently nourish your furry friend’s skin naturally remove odors with Skout’s Honor Probiotic Honeysuckle Daily Use Pet Deodorizer! This probiotic spray formula is specially made with avocado oil and is designed to improve your pet’s skin and coat by combating shedding, dryness, itching, hot spots and especially that unwanted odor! This 98.5% natural daily deodorizer is paraben-free and sulfate-free, PH-balanced for dogs and contains conditioning omega-3s that hydrate and deodorize skin for a natural and neutral scent. Restore the balance back into your pal’s skin and coat the eco-friendly way with Skout’s Honor!

Key Benefits

  • 98.5% natural probiotic deodorizer technology works to hydrate and freshen skin and coat for a better smelling furry friend.
  • Designed to prevent infection, combat hot spots, rehydrate dry skin, repair and prevent hair loss, matting and excessive shedding and restore coat's texture and shine.
  • Made with avocado oil and omega-3s to help nourish your pal’s skin and coat so he can look and feel his best.
  • Works as a natural deodorizer to remove unwanted odor by gently cleansing your furry friend’s skin and coat.
  • Each product is sold with the Scouts Paw Pledge—Skout's Honor will donate a days' worth of meals to a shelter animal in need for every bottle sold.