Tastybone Nylon Trio Peanut Butter Bone For Small Dogs

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For dogs who love to chew (and chew and chew), the TastyBone is a doggy dream come true!

These colourful toys are made from totally durable, completely chompable nylon. But not just any nylon – it’s nylon that’s infused with tasty flavour that your dog won’t be able to resist.

As if the the regular TastyBone isn't fun enough, there's also the TastyBone Trio. It's three times the fun, with three knobbly arms to chew, and a textured surface that's great for your dog's teeth.   

The days of chewing your shoes are over. From now on, the TastyBone is the only thing they’ll want to chew.

  • Made in Great Britain
  • Made from dense, durable 100% virgin nylon
  • Designed for the most enthusiastic chewers
  • Infused with tasty flavour that lasts the lifetime of the bone
  • Textured surface piques your dog's interest and strengthens their teeth as they chew
  • You can wash your dog’s TastyBone with warm water if required
  • As your dog chews, tiny rice-sized pieces of their TastyBone will naturally shave off. These tiny pieces of nylon will pass harmlessly through your dog’s digestive system. Discard your dog’s TastyBone if it’s worn down to a size smaller than their mouth
  • The TastyBone is available in a selection of sizes – make sure you choose a size that’s appropriate for your dog.