Tricks For Treats Training Program

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Welcome to Fella&Fetch Trick for Treats classes! This is a FUN class where the aim is to get our furry friends to do tricks, well, for treats. These classes provide a safe and fun environment for dogs to use their mental and physical abilities in unison. Our methods are kind, humane, and fun for both you and your dog!

The person who said “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” clearly didn’t have a high value treat on hand as motivation for their dog! Not all dogs are motivated by the same reward. Most dogs are food/treat motivated (especially on an empty stomach), but toys and praise might be the preference of your dog. Also the age of your dog, their capabilities, and antecedent arrangements all play a role in the successful execution of these tricks. Keep this in mind when practicing at home. We’ll cover some novice, intermediate and advanced tricks in this class.



Puppy Preschool/Grade 1 graduates (or equivalent)

New dogs must be in your home a minimum of 14 days to attend this class

Current vaccination records up-to-date



Cost: $100.00